ESTIMATES – Our estimates are carefully calculated based on years of experience, cost per square foot of the technique used and additional factors such as job site accessibility, size of job, materials cost and travel expenses. Projects typically take from one day to several weeks to complete and can cost from $5-$10 per sf for a simple faux finish to $100 and up per sf for a detailed mural.


FREE CONSULTATION – We offer one free consultation to discuss your project and welcome photos, pictures and a conversation with your interior designer, if you should use one. Measurements and photographs will be taken at that meeting after which you will promptly receive a detailed proposal by email.


SAMPLES – If your job should require samples or sketches, we offer them at a reduced rate to be paid in advance. They will be deducted from your final estimate.


CONTRACT – Upon approval, the estimate is signed and becomes your invoice and contract and a start date will be scheduled. Our terms are 50% deposit,  the balance due upon completion. Revisions and/or additions are  charged at our hourly rate. 

OUR GUARANTEE – All work is insured. We  use the  the best quality. water-based products  for minimum toxicity.


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